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Living Area and Dining Area — whole house remodeling Fitchburg WI in Fitchburg, WI
What is a whole home remodel?
Here's a hint. Imagine all of your interiors walls can be placed wherever you want them. And, possibly an outside wall as well. For some, this type of renovation seems a bit extreme. For others, a renovation of this magnitude is just what they need.
Consider the following situations -
  • You're a couple of empty nesters and you want a different home, but love your neighbors, you love the neighborhood, the location, your property taxes are reasonable. If so, it's completely logical to renovate your present home rather start all over again in a new location.
  • Or, you're moving to an area you are familiar with - a location you love, but the neighborhood consists of older homes. However, the location is great and a solid house is available. But it just doesn't have the floor plan or the amenities you want. It's time for a whole home remodel.
More than ever, this is when a team like DC Interiors & Renovations is needed - having a vision beyond what a typical remodeling contractor offers.
Our experienced project managers are there to help our clients every step of the way. Our team carries the project from the initial design phase to a meticulous and complete installation. From gathering inspirations to aaccessorizing and entire home, our team oversees all logistics.