Interior Design Myths – Busted

A professional interior design adds value to a one room modification or a whole home renovation. Industry research shows that more people than ever are looking for design ideas, not just new hardware.  Personalized design and proper planning is the glue that holds a renovation plan together.

 Even a general contractor that specializes in remodeling, works more as a project manager, listening to your ideas, and finding the easiest way to complete your project. They do not consider your lifestyle, personal taste or offer other options but they are ready to bid your project. Without a concrete plan to bid from you don’t know you are really getting.   

 An experienced design/build company will work to understand your style, the efficiencies you’re looking for and then provide “What if options” to create what’s best suited to your needs and lifestyle. A working knowledge of how to build a new kitchen or bathroom isn’t enough. The design process includes understanding how you and your family will use the space and what you expect from it.

  Two Interior Design Myths – Busted!

  Myth number one – “All they do is pick pretty colors, fancy furnishings and accessories.” While they do that, there’s much more they provide to their clients.

 The design/build professionals at DC Interiors & Renovations are skilled at producing technical drawings, including the latest in 3D drawings. They are the primary point of contact as they are the designers, project managers and general contractors. After design, selections are approved and drive the process – including making sure all required permits are obtained. A daily routine can include selecting materials like flooring, counter tops, cabinets, paint color, tile, furniture and décor. While constantly working to keep everyone progressing toward a precise deadline.

  Myth number two – “Professional designers are too expensive, I know what I like and can do it myself.” A home remodeling project has to be measured in more than dollars. The bottom line is the value it represents to you, the homeowner.   When it is everything you dreamed of, and more, then it is worth every penny.  If not, cutting corners isn’t worth it.  Working with a trained interior designer is excellent insurance against surprises as the project progresses.  Veteran designers know how to avoid pitfalls and foresee potential problems.   Not only do designers have access to planning tools others don’t, they’re on top of the latest trends and newest materials. Their expertise can save a lot of time, money and frustration.